3 Core Aliens by the Doctor

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Hand crafted coils by The Doctor. These products are sold as a pair and hand made using Juice Junkie wire. The coils are cleaned in an ultrasonic bath prior to packaging.

All coils MUST be installed and pulsed in a regulated device prior to use, and with the correct care and maintenance will last at least 2 months. Resistances stated are approximations and may vary slightly after installation. 

One pair of Nichrome 90 3-core Aliens approximately 0.08Ω dual, built by The Doctor.

3*27g N90 + 36g N90
5 wraps
Approx. 0.08Ω dual.

The products advertised are intended SOLELY for experienced vapers who MUST be over the age of 18. A good knowledge in battery safety and OHMs law is essential. The Doctor’s Coils, and distributor, will not be held responsible for any misuse of these products.